About & F.A.Q.

Memory Lane Booths is a Red Deer Photo Booth serving all of Alberta and beyond. Memory Lane was created as a fun alternative to the traditional wedding/event favors which are often quickly consumed and forgotten or left behind at great expense to the host. Read our F.A.Q. below for more details about what makes Memory Lane Booth of Red Deer a fun experience.

The F.A.Q.

Who can book Memory Lane Booths?

Virtually anyone. Targeting primarily the Wedding and Corporate market, M.L.B. can be a fun alternative for Trade Shows, Party’s, Charity’s, fundraiser’s, Schools and other events.

Do you donate to Fundraiser and/or Charity events?

Unfortunately no. Due to increasing costs and being a small local business rather than increase prices in general we have decided to do away with special prices. We have been a part of many charity events over the years and unfortunately have not seen a return or increase in business because of it. Exposure doesn’t pay our bills. We suggest having a company sponsor the booth and adding their logo to the prints in recognition and if the sponsor has a small banner could also have set out by the booth at the event. As a small local business we unfortunately can not afford to provide free services.  As we continue to grow we hope this will change.

What is the difference between your booth and what a photographer offers?

Not to be confused with a photo station, which is what a photographer offers and is more accurately called, our booth not only takes pictures, but prints them on site within seconds. Where a photographer needs to be at their camera to take a single picture which they will then edit and provide on a CD some weeks after the event, our booth takes multiple pictures and automatically arranges them on a template and prints so your guests get their photos right away. In addition, we also supply a thumb drive or CD of all prints and pictures after the event.

How many Photos do we get?

An unlimited amount of original prints can be taken and subsequently printed. Our standard layout is 2×6 which automatically comes with a copy. 2 prints each session. This greatly speeds up the process and allows more guests to use the booth and not wait for any additional prints, which are provided at attendants discretion.

Can we get additional prints?

With our Social Media Kiosk your guests can print additional copies as well as e-mail and share their prints digitally.

How long does it take to process a photo?

About 20 seconds after the last picture is taken.

What do the photos look like?

You can view our past clients photo’s on our facebook page. Your prints will be printed out in 2×6 for two strips and you can put away the scissors, our printer does the cutting for you. We can also do 4×6 as well as an extra feature.

Can I get Props?

Props come included with most packages. We even take prop requests, if there is something you would like, let us know and we will try and find it at no additional charge in most cases because most props are reusable. We do not use feathers with our props so no need to worry about allergies or cleaning them out of the carpets or clothing. Props are also cleaned and well maintained which is included in the price.

What is Scrap booking/Memory Book?

During your event your guests can take a copy of their 2×6 strip and dress it up in a scrap book with personalized messages, comments and decorations. At the end of the night you will have a wonderful keepsake to take with you on your honey moon or if for a fundraiser or community event, to use for future marketing opportunities. We supply the book, writing utensils and even stickers for extra flair and fun.

Ok I am ready to book, what do I next?

Go to our booking page and fill out our form. Our sales person will get in touch with you to answer any of your questions and confirm your booking with in 24 hours in most cases.

Is their a booking fee?

We require a minimum payment of $350 at the time of signing our contract for retaining our services this fee is included in the total and goes towards the remaining balance.

Do you have a contract?

Yes! A contract is not only the responsible thing to have, but necessary for everyone so the where, when and other details are written and signed that everyone agrees and understands. You also get your own copy to keep for your records and act as a receipt for your initial payment too.

When should I Book Memory Lane Booths?

Today! Our popular booths have been a hit at every event and we are already booking into next year. If we are already booked for your event we would be happy to recommend a local competitor who we know personally and feel does quality work as well.

There is other entertainment, do you work with them?

Memory Lane Booths is completely independent from other entertainment services. We only ask that your additional entertainment, if possible, will make periodical announcements reminding guests about the booth.

We do offer an additional hour of on-site operation or 2 hours standby service if TJ the DJ is your Professional Music Entertainment and you have already purchased our Standard Package or above. We also network with a few other local professional companies. We do not receive any kick backs from these businesses, but we do have very positive working relationships with them and because of this we would like to share with our clients this benefit of our professional networks.

What about privacy concerns?

We take privacy seriously, we do not share any of your personal details with anyone. If you request we will not share the event photo’s on our Facebook or share links of the online Album and only the Couple/Event Organizer will have access to the online albums while they exist.

However your guests are likely to share their photo’s though social media and there is nothing we can do about that.

What happens if someone takes inappropriate photos?

It is not uncommon for people to give the booth “the finger” and there is little we can do about that as most often the photo has already been taken and printed. This is also true for those guests who feel the need to show a little more skin and body parts usually best kept under their clothing. While we may not always catch them in the act we will not share these photos with anyone but you.

Anything else I should Know?

The booth can also be a great fund-raiser, contact us for details.

If you are really budget conscious we also offer a digital only booth, everything is the same, just no prints for a savings off the hourly fee of 10%.

Memory Lane Booths is owned and operated by TJ the DJ as part of their great professional high quality services. We are well known through out the Central Alberta area thanks to the great work we do.

Contact us by phone in Red Deer @ (403)348-1224